Respiratory Services

Our senior focused community program:

Our program for skilled nursing facilities (SNF) remains our focus. Our clinically driven "Single Source" provider program encourages early diagnosis and treatment of residents at risk of complications due to pulmonary disease. We coordinate and oversee various types of respiratory equipment, supplies, and support programs which result in better quality of life for your patients. We offer a wide range of options for oxygen systems to meet patient's medical and lifestyle needs. Our services consist of everything from 24 hour emergency oxygen to patient evaluation, education and follow-up. We have designed our progressive rehabilitation program with one ultimate goal in mind: Quality Care.

Qualifications of Respiratory Care Partners

  • Accreditation by healthcare quality association of accreditation
  • Medicare and Medicaid approved provider
  • Managed care preferred provider
  • Staff respiratory therapists
  • Certified by ohio state board of pharmacy
  • approved to provide "continuing education programs"
  • state of ohio board of pharmacy license
  • licensed by the the national boards of respiratory care
  • members of american association of respiratory care
  • meet and exceed medicare's 21 supplier standards
  • certified medical equipment technicians
  • technicians have clean driving records with no violations
  • standards require each of our associates to receive 25 hours of continuing education annually
  • participant in ohio grow now
  • VGM members

Aerosol therapy and airway maintenance

  • Stationary and portable nebulizers, including ultrasonic therapy
  • Stationary and portable suction machines

Oxygen Services:

All of our services utilize the latest respiratory technologies, which include:

  • oxygen concentrators with continuous monitoring and compliance reporting capabilities
  • sttionary and portable liquid oxygen systems
  • lightweight portable oxygen units
  • oxygen conserving devices with specific continuous liter flow with back up capabilities
  • high flow respiratory concentrators
  • assessment of respiratory oxygen therapy
  • arterial blood gas
  • chest physiotherapy
  • high-tech ventilators, including portable units for active patients
  • patient assessment
  • overnight pulse oximetry studies
  • continuous pulse ox
  • Finger pluse ox
  • bipap
  • cpap
  • management of ventilator patients
  • cpr certification
  • trach care
  • trach tube change
  • suctioning
  • administering MDI's
  • Peak Flow
  • Incentive Spirometry
  • Breathing retraining
  • RT Infection Control
  • respiratory muscle training
  • preventative maintenance monitoring program
  • k pumps (classic hot/cold therapy systems)