On-Site Sleep Study

At respiratory care partners, inc. our licensed therapists provide the most economic, state of the art and comfortable sleep apnea screening in the industry. We will complete the study in the connivence of your facility which reduces costs and any inconvenience to your resident. Our technology is the only eight channel diagnostic screening and evaluating portable device. Once our therapist screens your patient, the report is evaluated and diagnosed by one of our multiple sleep study physicians. We can then assist you in beginning treatment, and perform follow up studies. Our program offers a complete easy to manage and understand portable device that gives you a comprehensive cutting edge sleep study program.

Therapy Support

  • Perform sleep studies in your facility
  • In-service education given on any respiratory subject
  • Assessment of respiratory oxygen therapy   
  • Arterial blood gas draw
  • Chest Physiotherapy
  • Overnight pulse oximetry studies 
  • Management of ventilator patients (weekly tubing changes and assessments)
  • Trach care  (weekly tube change/suctioning)
  • Administering MDI's
  • Peak flow
  • Incentive spirometry
  • Breathing retraining
  • RT infection control
  • Respiratory muscle training
  • Patient preventative maintenance
  • Patient monitoring program